Rosie Seaman

Forschungsgruppe: Ungleichheiten im Sterbealter

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (Postdoktorandin)

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Selected Publications

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Seaman, R., Leyland, A.H., Popham, F.: How have trends in lifespan variation changed since 1950? A comparative study of 17 Western European countries, The European Journal of Public Health (2016)

Seaman, R., Leyland, A.H., Popham, F.: Increasing inequality in age of death at shared levels of life expectancy: A comparative study of Scotland and England and Wales, SSM-Population Health (2016)

Seaman, R., Leyland, Dundas, R., A.H., Mitchell, R., Popham, T.: How much of the difference in life expectancy between Scottish cities does deprivation explain? Calculating and decomposing inequalities across deprivation deciles, BMC Public Health (2015)


  • The Financial Crisis and the Length of Working Life Details
  • Working Life Expectancy at Older Age Details
  • Methods to Analyze Trends in the Age Patterns of Morbidity and Mortality Details
  • Labor-Force Participation of Youth, Health, and Health Behaviors Details
  • Precarious Work, Life-Course Outcomes, and Health Details