Annette Baudisch

Max Planck Research Group: Modeling the Evolution of Aging

Guest Researcher

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Annette Baudisch studied mathematics and economics. She wrote her PhD at the MPIDR and at University College London. After research stays abroad in in the USA (Duke University, DC) and in France (Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires, Paris), since 2009 she has been heading the Max Planck Research Group “Modeling the Evolution of Aging” . Many of her articles were published in renowned scientific journals (see publications list). In 2008, she published her first book, “Inevitable Aging? Contributions to evolutionary-demographic theory”. She holds several honorary positions in the Max Planck Society and was member of the scientific commission “Demographic Change” of the German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina.

Recent Publication

BAUDISCH, A.; VAUPEL, J. W.: Getting to the root of aging, Science 338:6107, 618-619 (2012)

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MPIDR Publications (selected)

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