Fernando Colchero

Laboratory of Evolutionary Biodemography

Guest Researcher

Web Profiles www.colchero.com



  • COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database & COMADRE Animal Matrix Database Project details
  • Comparative Demography of Sex Differences in Animals Project details
  • DATLife – The Demography of Aging across the Tree of Life – Database Project details
  • Mortality Modeling, Forecasting Mortality, and Evaluating Mortality Forecasts Project details
  • The Diversity of Aging within Species Project details

MPIDR Publications (selected)

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Colchero, F.; Jones, O. R.; Rebke, M.:
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3:3, 466-470 (2012).
Colchero, F.; Clark, J.:
Journal of Animal Ecology 81:1, 139-149 (2012).
Conde Ovando, D. A.; Flesness, N.; Colchero, F.; Jones, O. R.; Scheuerlein. A.:
Science 331:6023, 1390-1391 (2011).
Colchero, F.; Conde Ovando, D. A.; Manterola, C.; Chávez, C.; Rivera, A.; Ceballos, G.:
Animal Conservation 14:2, 158-166 (2011).
Colchero, F.; Medellin, R.; Clark, J. S.; Lee, R.; Katul, G.:
Journal of Animal Ecology 78:3, 666-673 (2009).