Roland Rau

Research Group: Mathematical and Actuarial Demography

Max Planck Fellow

Phone+49 (0)381 2081-194



  • Gender, Hospitalization, and Mortality Project details
  • Methods, Models, and Measures in Population Health Project details
  • Natural Experiments and the Determinants of Old-Age Survival — Life-Expectancy Convergence after German Reunification and the Importance of Changing Mortality Conditions Project details

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Colchero, F.; Rau, R.; Scheuerlein. A.; Schwentker, B.; Vaupel, J. W.:
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Modig, K.; Andersson, T.; Vaupel, J. W.; Rau, R.; Ahlbom, A.:
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Rau, R.:
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Rau, R.; Ebeling, M.; Peters, F.; Bohk-Ewald, C.; Missov, T. I.:
In: 2017 Living to 100 monograph. Schaumburg, IL: Society of Actuaries (2017).