Evolutionary Biodemography

The projects of this laboratory are arranged in the following

Research Areas

The Diversity of Mortality and Fertility Trajectories across the Tree of LifeDescription


  • The Diversity of Aging within Species Project details
  • Evolutionary Biodemography and the Age-Specific Mortality of Hydra Project details
  • Environmental Effects on Life-History Traits of Polyp and Medusa Stages of Eleutheria dichotoma (Dissertation) Project details
  • The Economy of Ant Colonies: Growth, Maintenance, and Reproduction of a Superorganism Project details
  • Bat Demography: Results from Long-Term Studies (Dissertation) Project details
  • Costs, Benefits, and Constraints of Responses to Recent Climate Change in Bats (Dissertation) Project details
  • Comparative Demography of Sex Differences in Animals Project details



  • DATLife – The Demography of Aging across the Tree of Life – Database Project details
  • COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database & COMADRE Animal Matrix Database Project details