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Sebastian Klüsener, Joshua R. Goldstein; in Collaboration with Anne Hiller (University of Rostock, Germany), Görres Grenzdörffer (University of Rostock, Germany), Bogumil Szady (Catholic University of Lublin, Poland), Jarek Suproniuk (Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of History, Warsaw, Poland)

The project supports demographic and socioeconomic research by filling gaps in the European GIS-data-infrastructure on historical national and regional administrative boundaries and historical place names. The geographic focus is on Germany, Central- and South-Eastern Europe, and other Mosaic-countries.Detailed description

Research keywords: Data and Surveys; Historical Demography; Demographic Change; Policies, Politics, Administration, Welfare State

Region keywords: Albania; Austria; Belarus; Europe; German Empire; Germany; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Poland; Ukraine; Yugoslavia


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