Survival and Longevity

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Improved survival and thus increasing longevity characterize the demographic development in most developed and many developing countries. Analyzing the causes and consequences that ever-improving mortality implies is thus crucial for understanding population prospects. The research of the Laboratory of Survival and Longevity, headed by James W. Vaupel, is devoted to these questions.

Methodological contributions and innovations of mortality analysis form a backbone of the Laboratory’s research activities, continuing the long Institute tradition of developing formal demographic models. These contributions are supplemented by collaborations with members of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Biodemography to study the aging process in humans and beyond. Data provided by the Laboratory of Demographic Data on the oldest-old enable the study of mortality at highest ages and researching into the frontiers of human lifespans. Natural experiments, such as German unification, allow important insights into the determinants of health and mortality of the elderly, and such data are evaluated in some of the Laboratory’s projects.




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