July 4, 2013 | News Release

Mikko Myrskylä appointed professor at LSE

MPIDR-researcher Mikko Myrskylä has been appointed full professor at the London School of Economics. He will take up his new position in the Department of Social Policy in September. more

June 20, 2013 | News


On June 19, Boris Kramer from the Laboratory of Evolutionary Biodemography successfully defended his dissertation at the University of Mainz. His Ph.D. research focused on the lifespan of eusocial insects. more

June 10, 2013 | News Release

More child daycare places, more children?

Are birth rates rising when the state ensures that childcare provision is high? MPIDR-researcher Sandra Krapf has been looking deeper into this matter. At Rostock’s Eleven, to take place June 13, 2013, she will present some of the results of her Ph.D. work. more

June 6, 2013 | Research Award

Adam Lenart awarded the Otto Hahn Medal

MPIDR-researcher Adam Lenart has been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal. The Medal comes with a prize money of 7500 Euro and is awarded by the Max Planck Society to young scientists for outstanding scientific achievements. more

April 16, 2013 | Suessmilch Lecture

Why people migrate

On April 19 Filiz Garip from Harvard University will give a talk at the MPIDR. She will focus on the question, which mechanisms underly the migration from Mexico to the US more

April 12, 2013 | Event

2nd Conference of the Rostocker Ring

The 2nd Conference of the Rostocker Ring will be held on May 29-30 at the MPIDR. Alumni and friends of the Institute are invited to attend and  young researchers have the opportunity  to meet senior scientists in a “speed-informing session”. more

April 10, 2013 | New Publication

Are more children born in the countryside than in the city?

In the year 1900 women who lived in the big city had an average of 2.7 children. Women who lived in this mostly rural region gave birth to more than twice as many children. Today, such large differences can hardly be found—unless you look closely. more

April 8, 2013 | Interview

Forecasting Migration

In this interview, migration researcher Frans Willekens explains when forecasts about migration can be done and for what kind of forecasts data from statistical offices are unsuitable. more

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