Diego Alburez-Gutierrez

Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography

Research Scientist - Research Area Chair (Aging and Generational Processes)

Phone+49 (0)381 2081-175


  • The Demography of Conflict and Violence Project details
  • The Lived Experience of Kin Death – Evidence from Online and Offline Sources Project details

MPIDR Publications

Alburez-Gutierrez, D.; Aref, S.; Gil-Clavel, B. S.; Grow, A.; Negraia, D. V.; Zagheni, E.:
In: Arbia, G.; Peluso, S.; Pini, A.; Rivellini, G. (Eds.): Smart statistics for smart applications : book of short papers SIS2019, 23-30. -: Pearson (2019).
Leone, T.; Alburez-Gutierrez, D.; Ghandour, R.; Coast, E.; Giacaman, R.:
Conflict and Health 13:36, 1-15 (2019).


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