Digital and Computational Demography

The projects of this laboratory are arranged in the following

Research Areas

Migration and MobilityDescription


  • Evaluating Immigrants’ Cultural Assimilation Using Digital Trace Data Project details
  • Measuring and Modeling the Migration and Mobility of Scholars Project details
  • Studying the Interplay between Social Media Discourse and Refugee Segregation Project details
  • Temporal Effects in Migration Measurement: Evidence from Geo-Referenced Digital Trace Data Project details
  • Modelling International Migration Flows by Integrating Multiple Data Sources Project details
  • Estimating Migration and Mobility after Natural Disasters Project details

Aging and Generational ProcessesDescription


  • Demographic Differential Uses of Social Media and Social Network Sites Project details
  • Intergenerational Transfers of Informal Care Time by Gender and Age Project details
  • The Demography of Conflict and Violence Project details
  • The Lived Experience of Kin Death – Evidence from Online and Offline Sources Project details

Social and Environmental DynamicsDescription


  • Estimating Fertility Indicators Using Facebook Data Project details
  • The Gender Revolution and its Effects on Family Formation and Stability Project details
  • Modelling Processes of Status Differentiation Project details
  • Parental Status and Well-Being Project details
  • Computational Analysis of the Structure and Dynamics in Networks with Negative Ties and Conflicting Relationships Project details
  • Demographic Change, Climate Change, and Energy Demand Project details