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Generations and Gender Programme - Contextual Database

Welcome to the Contextual Database (CDB) and to the Contextual Data Collection (CDC) of the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP).

  • The Contextual Database gives easy and open access to comparable, aggregated contextual data, which can be linked to the individual level data of the Generations and Gender Surveys. It contains demographic, economic, and policy indicators. We provide data at the national level, and, wherever possible, at the regional level, for GGP countries as well as other countries in Europe, North America.
  • The Contextual Data Collection are zip-files containing the original data collected by the national partners of GGP-countries for the Contextual Database (see CDB About and Team for more details). It gives access also to those indicators, which have until now not been harmonised across countries. The Contextual Data Collection is available for download on the main page of the database.

We welcome feedback and suggestions by all users. You can contact us here.

Access to Contextual Database and to Contextual Data Collection

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