Guest Researcher

Emanuele Del Fava

Laboratory of Migration and Mobility

I am a quantitative researcher with a Ph.D. in statistics, with a highly multidisciplinary research perspective (biostatistics, epidemiology, demography, health economics) and interest in computational methods and data. My expertise is mainly in statistical modeling of infectious diseases data and international migration data.


Assessing Migration Patterns in Latin America by Combining Traditional and Digital Trace Data Sources Projects details
Integrated Modeling of International Migration Flows by Using Multiple Data Sources Projects details
The COVID-19 Health Behavior Survey Projects details
The Human Migration Database (HMigD) Projects details
The Interplay Between Population and Infectious Disease Dynamics Projects details

MPIDR Publications

Recent All

Chong, M.; Alburez-Gutierrez, D.; Del Fava, E.; Alexander, M.; Zagheni, E.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2022-005. (2022)    
Grow, A.; Perrotta, D.; Del Fava, E.; Cimentada, J.; Rampazzo, F.; Gil-Clavel, B. S.; Zagheni, E.; Flores, R. D.; Ventura, I.; Weber, I. G.:
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society/A 185:S2, S343–S363. (2022)    
Basellini, U.; Alburez-Gutierrez, D.; Del Fava, E.; Perrotta, D.; Bonetti, M.; Camarda, C. G.; Zagheni, E.:
SSM-Population Health 14:100799, 1–18. (2021)    
Bengochea Soria, J.; Del Fava, E.; Prieto Rosas, V.; Zagheni, E.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2021-019. (2021)    
Del Fava, E.; Adema, I.; Kiti, M. C.; Poletti, P.; Merler, S.; Nokes, D. J.; Manfredi, P.; Melegaro, A.:
Scientific Reports 11:21589, 1–13. (2021)    

Other Publications

Melegaro, A.; Marziano, V.; Del Fava, E.; Poletti, P.; Tirani, M.; Rizzo, C.; Merler, S.:
BMC Medicine 16: 117 (2018)
Melegaro, A.; Del Fava, E.; Poletti, P.; Merler, S.; Nyamukapa, C.; Williams, J.; Gregson, S.; Manfredi, P.:
PLoS ONE 12: e0170459 (2017)
Del Fava, E.; Piccarreta, R.; Gregson, S.; Melegaro, A.:
PLoS ONE 11: e0163730 (2016)
Del Fava, E.; Shkedy, Z.; Aregay, M.; Molenberghs, G.:
Statistical Modelling 14: 99-133 (2014)
Del Fava, E.; Shkedy, Z.; Bechini, A.; Bonanni, P.; Manfredi P.:
Epidemics 4: 124-131 (2012)

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