Guest Researcher

Maarten Jacob Bijlsma

Laboratory of Population Health

I am an applied statistician, epidemiologist, and demographer with a special interest in advanced statistical methods for counterfactual causal inference.

Since November 2015, I have been employed at the Population Health laboratory of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR). At the MPIDR, I am primarily concerned with applying causal inference methods to study the social determinants of population health and mortality, but lately I have also been making some forays into fertility research.

For more info, see my personal website.


Assessment of Methods in Population Health Projects details
Behavioral Determinants of Health and Mortality Projects details
Causal Inference Approaches to Fertility over the Life Course Projects details
Social and Economic Determinants of Mental and Cognitive Health Projects details
The Baltic Sea States Project Projects details
Trends in the Age Patterns of Morbidity and Mortality: Monitoring and New Methodological Approaches Projects details

MPIDR Publications

Recent All

Diallo, A. O.; Ali, M. K.; Geldsetzer, P.; Gower, E. W.; Mukama, T.; Wagner, R. G.; Davies, J.; Bijlsma, M. J.; Sudharsanan, N.:
The Lancet Healthy Longevity 2:2, e78–e86. (2021)    
Gueltzow, M.; Bijlsma, M. J.; van Lenthe, F. J.; Myrskylä, M.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2021-017. (2021)    
Hale, J. M.; Bijlsma, M. J.; Lorenti, A.:
SSM-Population Health 15:100855, 1–12. (2021)    
Pitkänen, J.; Bijlsma, M. J.; Remes, H.; Aaltonen, M.; Martikainen, P.:
Social Science and Medicine - Population Health 13:100756, 1–9. (2021)    
Bijlsma, M. J.; Wilson, B.:
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society/A 183:2, 493–513. (2020)    

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