Research Scientist (post-doc)

Natalie Nitsche

Laboratory of Fertility and Well-Being
Laboratory of Population Health


Shifts in the Fertility–Development Nexus at the Macro and Micro Level Projects details
Union-Fertility Nexus and Fertility Variation in Sub-Saharan Africa (Dissertation) Projects details

MPIDR Publications

Selected Recent All

Nitsche, N.; Brückner, H.:
European Journal of Population 37:2, 371–403. (2021)    
Kniffka, M. S.; Nitsche, N.; Rau, R.; Kühn, M.:
International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 155:3, 483–489. (2021)    
Hudde, A.; Nitsche, N.:
SocArXiv papers. (2020)       

Other Publications

Nitsche, N., Matysiak, A., Van Bavel, J., & Vignoli, D. :
Partners’ educational pairings and fertility across Europe
Demography, 55(4), 1195-1232 (2018)
Nitsche, N., & Grunow, D. :
Do economic resources play a role in bargaining child care in couples? Parental investment in cases of matching and mismatching gender ideologies in Germany
European Societies, 20(5), 785-815 (2018)

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