Guest Researcher

Trifon Missov

Research Group: Mathematical and Actuarial Demography


Basic Research in Mortality Modeling Projects details

MPIDR Publications

Recent All

Németh, L.; Missov, T. I.:
PLoS One 13:6, e0198485–e0198485. (2018)    
Hartemink, N.; Missov, T. I.; Caswell, H.:
Theoretical Population Biology 114, 107–116. (2017)    
Rau, R.; Ebeling, M.; Peters, F.; Bohk-Ewald, C.; Missov, T. I.:
In: 2017 Living to 100 monograph, 1–21. Schaumburg, IL: Society of Actuaries. (2017)    
Vogt, T. C.; Missov, T. I.:
Population Health Metrics 15:33, 1–8. (2017)    
Burger, O.; Missov, T. I.:
Journal of Theoretical Biology 408, 34–41. (2016)

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