Upcoming Courses

Agent-Based Computational Modeling in Population Studies
Course Number:  112
24.06.2019 – 28.06.2019
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock
Instructors:  André Grow and Jason Hilton
Application Deadline: 28.02.2019


IDEM Course Numbering System

The first digit of a course number describes the length of the course: 1 designates courses that are one or two weeks long, 2 designates courses that are more than two weeks long but less than a semester long, and 3 designates courses that run for an entire semester.

The next two digits describe the general topic of the course, as follows:

00-09: event-history analysis and other statistical methods; research design
10-19: formal demography and modeling, simulation, and forecasting methods
20-29: fertility and family dynamics
30-39: mortality, morbidity, longevity, population aging
40-49: economic demography and population/economic/environment interactions
50-59: migration and spatial demography
60-69: topics related to particular countries or regions
70-79: historical demography; history of demographic thinking
80-89: other topics
90-99: student research seminars and the like