About the Rostocker Ring

The Rostocker Ring is an initiative of the MPIDR that helps friends, alumni, and current members of the Institute stay in touch. Its objective is primarily to support demographic research: Through the Rostocker Ring, the Institute aims at offering a platform for scientific discussion and research cooperation among its friends and alumni. In addition, in using this platform the Institute aims to further promote the career development of young researchers, mainly those who have received training through research at the MPIDR.

The directors of the MPIDR, Mikko Myrskylä and James W. Vaupel, are solely responsible for the Rostocker Ring. The directors are advised by a Steering Committee currently consisting of the current members Andreas Edel, Rainer Heuer, Heiner Maier (Chair), Brienna Perelli-Harris, Harald Wilkoszewksi, Elisabetta Barbi, Vladimir Canudas Romo, Alexia Fürnkratz-Prskawetz, Roland Rau, Beatrice Fromm, Max Kaase and Kenneth Wachter.


3rd Conference of the Rostocker Ring - August 31, 2015
Preliminary program (PDF, 215 kB)
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2nd Conference of the Rostocker Ring - May 29-30, 2013
Program of the 2nd Conference (PDF, 105 kB)
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Rostocker Ring Inaugural Conference - June 30 - July 1, 2010
Program of the Inaugural Conference 2010 (PDF, 33 kB)