Pekka Martikainen

Laboratory of Population Health

Research Scientist




  • Health and Migration Project details
  • Labor-Force Participation of Youth, Health, and Health Behaviors Project details
  • Parental Age at the Time of Birth and Health Outcomes for Parents and Offspring Project details
  • Shifts in the Fertility-Development Nexus at the Macro and Micro Level Project details
  • Social and Economic Determinants of Hospital Use, Morbidity, and Mortality over the Life Course Project details
  • Social and Economic Determinants of Mental and Cognitive Health Project details
  • The Role of Health Behaviors in Social Differentials in Mortality Project details
  • Trends in the Age Patterns of Mortality, Life Expectancy, and Life Disparity Project details
  • Working Life Expectancy at Older Age Project details

MPIDR Publications (recent)

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