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June 16, 2016 | News | Interview

“Forecasts are the ultimate test of whether a theory is correct"

Since April 2016, Roland Rau has been heading the new MPIDR research group "Mathematical and Actuarial Demography". In this interview, he explains why it is important to return to the origins of demography. more

June 6, 2016 | News | Rostocks Eleven

A full-time job is good for single parents

Single parents get ill notably more often than mothers who have a partner at their side. MPIDR-researcher Mine Kühn has investigated why this is so. She found out that a job worked full-time of all positively affects the health of these women. more

May 20, 2016 | Press Release

“We don’t know nearly enough about migration”

In an article that appeared today in the scientific journal Science, leading researchers in the field of migration call for better data on migration flows for research and policy-making. more

April 28, 2016 | News | In the press

What life expectancy does to equality

Women outlive men in almost all countries. The genders are converging but some differences will remain, says MPIDR-researcher Anna Oksuzyan in an article on sueddeutsche.de  about her research. more

April 20, 2016 | News | Demografische Forschung aus Erster Hand

Families unmarried

Unmarried births are becoming the norm in Western Europe, but their share is falling in Eastern Europe as a study by MPIDR researcher Sebastian Klüsener shows. more

April 19, 2016 | News | Suessmilch Lecture

Demography across Scales

On April 26, Annette Baudisch from the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, will give a lecture at the MPIDR. She will explain how a shift in perspective on individuals and populations opens new directions in mathematical demography. more

April 11, 2016 | DeFo News

Back to Work

Read in the new issue of „Demografische Forschung Aus Erster Hand“ how commuting to work affects health and why well-educated mothers are returning back to the labor market faster in many European countries. more

April 11, 2016 | Press Release

Children of older mothers do better

Children of older mothers are healthier, taller and obtain more education than the children of younger mothers. The reason is that in industrialized countries educational opportunities are increasing, and people are getting healthier by the year. In other words, it pays off to be born later. more

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