MPIDR Technical Report

Age-decomposition of a difference between two populations for any life-table quantity in Excel

Shkolnikov, V. M., Andreev, E. M.

MPIDR Technical Report TR-2010-002, 4 pages (May 2010).
Rostock, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research


We provide a simple VBA/Excel program that decomposes by age a difference between two values of a life-table based quantity. For example, one might want to know what are contributions of different ages into the total difference between two populations in: values of life expectancy at birth or of temporary life expectancy between exact ages 20 and 65 or of standard deviation of ages at death over age 10 and older ages or of survival from age 0 to age 15 or of any other life-table-based measure. The program uses the general algorithm of stepwise replacement for estimating the age-components.