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Human Cause-of-Death Database

Conducted by Dmitri A. Jdanov; Vladimir M. Shkolnikov, Inna Danilova, Domantas Jasilionis, Pavel Grigoriev; in Collaboration with France Meslé, Jacques Vallin (both: French National Institute for Demographic Studies, Paris, France), Markéta Pechholdová (University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic)

The Human Cause-of-Death Database (HCD) provides access to coherent series of cause-specific mortality. In the HCD, causes of death are classified using three lists: short, intermediate, and full. The main goal of the database is to document trends in cause-specific mortality.  Detailed Description

Research Keywords:

Ageing, Mortality and Longevity, Health Care, Public Health, Medicine, and Epidemiology

Region keywords:

Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, World


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