Fertility and Well-Being

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Long-Term Perspectives on Crisis and Fertility

Mathias Lerch, Aiva Jasilioniene, Lydia Veronica Palumbo, Christina Bohk-Ewald (MPIDR / University of Helsinki, Finland); in Collaboration with Sebastian Klüsener (Federal Institute for Population Research, Wiesbaden, Germany)

The project aims to explore continuities and discontinuities in the age- and parity-specific effects of economic crises on fertility and marriage over the long term across different institutional and welfare-state contexts.  Detailed Description

Research Keywords:

Data and Surveys, Fertility Development, Projections and Forecasting

Region keywords:

Europe, Germany, OECD countries


Lerch, M.:
Population Studies 72:2, 217–234. (2018)    
Pifarré i Arolas, H.:
Journal of Population Economics 30:4, 1211–1239. (2017)    
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