Demographic Sustainability and European Integration (DEMOG)

A Research Training Network

This project was completed in 2006.

Coordinator - Dr. Andreas Edel,
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research,
Rostock, Germany

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In 2002 eight of Europe's leading demographic research centres created a research training network (RTN) with financial support from the European Commission, under the auspices of the Fifth Framework Programme. The network is coordinated by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, and enables PhD students and Post-doctoral scholars to spend periods of time carrying out research and receiving training under the guidance of leading experts in the population field. Young researchers thus get chance to work in some of the best research centres on projects at the cutting edge of the discipline. They can also participate in the International Max Planck Research School for Demography, Europe's largest international collaborative research training programme in demography. Because of the links within the RTN, young researchers are also able to develop contacts with scholars in several centres and to attend network meetings and seminars connected with their research.

Each of the eight centres advertises positions on a website maintained by CORDIS, the European Commission's research site. In order to apply for one of the positions, send an email to the scientist given as the contact for that opening on the CORDIS website. For general information on the network, check the links below, or contact the overall coordinator, Dr. Andreas Edel, at .

For the general information about the network given on CORDIS, click here.

To see the current research training opportunities in the RTN, click here.

The positions are open to European citizens (EU, European Economic Area, and Associated States) who are under age 35 and who are either registered for a PhD (doctoral fellowships) or already have a PhD (post-doctoral fellowships). Fellowships are only open to people moving from one country to another. For more details on eligibility and other Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

The partners

The eight organisations taking part in the research training network are:

The themes

The RTN is organised under four disciplinary themes, each with its own group leader. The themes comprise the three classic subjects of demographic research, fertility, mortality and migration, along with a group studying integrated models of population change.

Theme Group leader Next seminar
Fertility processes: Laurent Toulemon,
Institut national d'études démographiques
Integrated models: Dr. Alexia Fuernkranz-Prskawetz,
Vienna Institute of Demography
November 24-25, 2005
Viennese Vintage Workshop,
Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria
Mortality and survival: Prof. Graziella Caselli,
Università degli Studi di Roma - La Sapienza
Population mobility: Prof. Frans Willekens,
Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute

The young researchers

More than 30 young researchers were recruited up to mid-2004. To see a list of all young researchers with information on their activities, click here.

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