List of figures

Figure 1. Lexis diagram with age (x), year (y) and cohort (z)
Figure 2a. Death rates at ages 80-99 years. Males
Figure 2b. Death rates at ages 80-99 years. Females
Figure 3. Death rates at ages 80-99  in 1955-59 and 1985-89. Both sexes
Figure 4. Relative decline of mortality at ages 80-99 from 1955-59 to 1985-89
Figure 5. Relative change of mortality by age and sex from 1955-59 to 1985-89. Selected countries
Figure 6. Deaths per 1000 population age 100 and over in 13 countries of  Western Europe
Figure 7. Probability of dying at ages 100 and over
Figure 8. Percent change in age-specific death rate. Selected countries
Figure 9. Sex ratio of mortality by age
Figure 10. Sex differential  of mortality per 1000 population by age
Figure 11. Sex ratio of population aged 80 and over

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