Validation of Exceptional Longevity



Species of Evidence of Exceptional Longevity
by B. Jeune and J.W. Vaupel
The Bewildering History of the History of Longevity
by P. Laslett
Age Validation of Centenarians in the Luxdorph Gallery
by L.-L. B. Petersen and B. Jeune
Validation of Extreme Longevity Cases in the Past: The French-Canadian Experience
by B. Desjardins
Age Validation of Reported Centenarians before 1900 in Denmark
by A. Skytthe, G. Hauge, and B. Jeune
Centenarian Validation in Belgium
by M. Poulain, D. Chambre, and M. Foulon
Validation of a Protocol for the Collection of Longitudinal Survival Data in Arles (France)
by A. Cournil, J.-M. Robine, and M. Allard
Katherine Plunket: A Well Documented Super-Centenarian in 1930
by A.R. Thatcher
Jeanne Calment: Validation of the Duration of Her Life
by J.-M. Robine and M. Allard
Age Validation of the Oldest Man
by A. Skytthe, B. Jeune, and J.R. Wilmoth
Did Marie Louise Meilleur Become the Oldest Person in the World?
by B. Desjardins
Age Validation of Han Chinese Centenarians
by Z. Wang, Y. Zeng, B. Jeune, and J.W. Vaupel
Age Validation in the New England Centenarian Study
by T.T. Perls, K. Bochen, M. Freemen, L. Alpert, and M.H. Silver
Extreme Longevity in a Family. A Report of Multiple Centenarians within a Single Generation
by L. Alpert, B. Desjardins, J.W. Vaupel, and T.T. Perls
Assessing the Information on Age at Death of Old Persons in National Vital Statistics
by V. Kannisto

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