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The entrance to the guest house in Patriotischer Weg 53, very close to the MPIDR. © MPIDR

Hotels in Rostock

There are several hotels in Rostock’s city center that are quite close to the Institute. The secretary of your department can provide you with additional information, and can help you with the booking.

Some Hotels in Rostock

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MPIDR Guest houses

The MPIDR leases apartments in two guest houses in Rostock, and rents them to guests of the Institute. The buildings in Borwinstraße 24 and Patriotischer Weg 53 are both within easy walking distance of the Institute. They are located in one of Rostock’s most fashionable neighborhoods, the Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt (KTV). The KTV is home to a large number of students, and is known for its pubs, cafes, and restaurants.

The guest apartments are fully furnished and equipped with all of the necessary household items, including bed linens and towels. They also have laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers. All of the apartments have a wireless local area network.

In general, you can check-in from 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must check-out by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

Please note that if you stay more than 12 nights, a full month´s rent is to be paid.

Impressions of the guest house in Borwinstraße © MPIDR

Guest House Borwinstraße 24

The guest house at Borwinstr. 24 was reopened following extensive renovations in July 2006. There are 14 apartments available in the building: four studios (22-24m²), eight shared apartments (22-27m²), and two attic apartments (40m²), which are suitable for families. One of these attic apartments has a roof terrace, while the other has an additional bedroom. The apartments at the back of the building have balconies. Residents are permitted to store bicycles in an extra room, and may use the backyard. Monthly rents range from €512 to €862, including utilities and fees. The Institute is a 10-minute walk from the guest house. Several supermarkets are located nearby. The closest tram station, Kabutzenhof, is a three-minute walk away. The city center is can also be reached by foot in around 10 minutes.


Impressions of the guest house in Patriotischer Weg © MPIDR

Guest House Patriotischer Weg 53

The guest house at Patriotischer Weg 53 offers a number of different types of apartments: single rooms of up to 20m², shared apartments for two people of up to 20m², and double rooms of up to 39m², which are suitable for families. Monthly rents range from €402 to €746. The apartments at the back of the building have balconies. The Institute is a seven-minute walk from the guest house. There are many bars and restaurants nearby, but the street and the area are quiet. The tram station Kabutzenhof can be reached in around five minutes, and the nearest supermarket is just 200 meters away.


Assistance for Visiting Scholars/Guest Apartments

Sigrid Bleimeister


+49 381 2081-253

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