New Faces at MPIDR | April 12, 2024

Welcome, Carla Rowold!

The Laboratory of Population Health and Research Group Labor Demography welcomes Carla Rowold  as a new team member. Carla's research interests range from gender and age inequalities, life course sociology, social demography to family and retirement policy.  More




Excess mortality in early 20th century Africa: the Spanish influenza, conflicts and draughts

Robert Stelter (Université catholique de Louvain/Rostock) will talk about excess mortality in early 20th century Africa: the Spanish influenza, conflicts and draughts.  More

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Labor Demography

News | April 09, 2024

Congratulations Dr. Ben Malinga John

We are pleased to congratulate Ben Malinga John on the successful defense of his dissertation on the "Union-Fertility Nexus and Fertility Variation in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Marital Dissolution and Repartnering" at Stockholm University.  More

Selected Publications

Basellini, U.; Camarda, C. G.; Booth, H.:

Thirty years on: a review of the Lee-Carter method for forecasting mortality   International Journal of Forecasting 39:3, 1033–1049. (2023)

Coimbra Vieira, C.; Lohmann, S.; Zagheni, E.:

The value of cultural similarity for predicting migration: evidence from food and drink interests in digital trace data   Population and Development Review, 1–28. (2024)

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News | April 05, 2024

Update of the Human Mortality Database

Our flagship project, the Human Mortality Database, has received a major update with the release of cause-specific data series. This is the first major expansion since the addition of short-term mortality fluctuation data in 2020.  More

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