US Health | March 09, 2023

Women over 50 Spend More Time Without a Partner and Cognitively Impaired than Men

A team of researchers at the MPIDR and the University of St Andrews in Scotland estimates how long a 50-year old person in the US is going to live without a partner and/or be cognitively impaired. In their paper recently published in “Population Studies” the researchers find disparities of up to 10 years both between men and women and ethnic groups.  More




"Model simple, think complex" - A symposium in honor of James W. Vaupel

On the occasion of the first anniversary of his sudden passing away, the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research would like to honor its Founding Director with a one-day symposium showcasing James Vaupel's groundbreaking contributions to the field of demography.  More

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Media Coverage | March 02, 2023

Covid-19 Experts at the MPIDR

Call for Papers | January 17, 2023

Ageing and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Kinship Inequalities

US Mortality | March 03, 2023

New Measure Reveals Large Mortality Inequality

Researchers at the MPIDR and University of Wisconsin-Madison developed a new measure called GAP to assess contemporary mortality inequality in the US across racial-ethnic groups. They find that current estimates based on standard metrics such as life expectancy underestimate racial-ethnic disparities in mortality.  More

Selected Publications

Rampazzo, F.; Bijak, J.; Vitali, A.; Weber, I. G.; Zagheni, E.:

A framework for estimating migrant stocks using digital traces and survey data: an application in the United Kingdom   Demography 85:6, 2193–2218. (2021)

Hellstrand, J.; Nisén, J.; Miranda, V.; Fallesen, P.; Dommermuth, L.; Myrskylä, M.:

Not just later, but fewer: novel trends in cohort fertility in the Nordic countries   Demography 58:4, 1373–1399. (2021)

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New Issue 4/2022 available | December 19, 2022

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Migration of Academics Worldwide | February 28, 2023

Women in Science Are Less Mobile but the Gender Gap has Shrunk

An international team including MPIDR Researchers is the first to offer a global and dynamic view on the migration of academics by gender. The paper recently published in PNAS finds that while female researchers were less internationally mobile than men, the gender gap has shrunk considerably over the past 20 years.  More

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COVID-19 Research at the MPIDR

The COVID-19 pandemic has been part of our lives for more than two years now. Science has done an extraordinary job during this time at unravelling mysteries and unlocking solutions. In like manner, researchers at MPIDR are investigating demographic issues in connection to the novel coronavirus. This dossier provides a thematic overview of the studies published in 2022.  More

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