Special Publication on Alcohol-Related Mortality in Eastern Europe

Domantas Jasilionis, with colleagues, edited Drug & Alcohol Review’s Special Section on the impact of alcohol on mortality in Eastern Europe. In this interview, he gave us an inside look into this collection.  More



Online Invited Seminar Talk

Can Technology Help Address Loneliness in Later Life? Lessons Learned from Research in Sensitive Settings

Barbara Barbosa Neves from Monash University, Australia presents her research bridging Sociology and Computer Science to develop technology-based initiatives to address loneliness among older people living in aged-care facilities.  More

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Gender Gaps in Health and Survival

Corona related research

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In short statements, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) explain the issues they are currently investigating in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic. +++Latest update: November, 23+++  More

Selected Publications

Alexander, M.; Polimis, K.; Zagheni, E.:

The impact of Hurricane Maria on out-migration from Puerto Rico: evidence from Facebook data   Population and Development Review 45:3, 617–630. (2019)

Mehta, N. K.; Abrams, L. R.; Myrskylä, M.:

US life expectancy stalls due to cardiovascular disease, not drug deaths   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117:13, 6998–7000. (2020)

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Fertility in the US

The Desire for Children Amongst Highly Educated US-American Women

Women with college degrees in the US are less likely than others to become mothers, even if they had previously wanted a large family when they were younger. If these women decide to start a family though, they have the most children in the study compared to other demographics, found Natalie Nitsche in her recent paper.  More


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What is demography?

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New PhD Students Welcomed to the MPIDR

In October and November five women started their research projects at the MPIDR in Rostock. They work in fields like statistics, migration and population health.  More

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