Research Scientist

Manal Elzalabany

Laboratory of Population Health

Curriculum Vitae Download (PDF, 250 kByte)

Manal K. Elzalabany is a multilingual epidemiologist & data scientist, working as a data scientist & coordinator of COVerAGE-DB in MPIDR, since mid-2022. Manal previously worked on COVID-19 detection & data analysis, and outbreaks’ response in WHO, and as a Lancet-associated researcher. Her research interests focus mainly on re/emerging infectious diseases, public health, and conflicts, using quantitative and qualitative data methodologies. Manal holds a MPH degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the American University of Beirut, 2018.

Other Publications

Nikoloski Z, Bain R, Elzalabany M. K., Hanna P, Aynsley TR, Samhouri D, Menchini L, Kapil N, Gillespie A. :
Bull World Health Organ. 2023 Feb 1;101(2):111–20.
Elmahal, O., Abdullah, A., Elzalabany, M. K., Samhouri, D., & Brennan, R. :
BMJ Global Health 20227:e008573
Abouzeid, M., Elzalabany, M.K., Nuwayhid, I. et al.:
Confl Health 15, 92 (2021).
Abdul-Khalek, R., Kayyal, W., Akkawi, A. R., Almalla, M., Arif, K., Karroum, L. B., . . ., Elzalabany, M. K.,.. Jawad, M. :
Confl Health 14, 73 (2020).

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