Affiliate Researcher

Nazrul Islam

Laboratory of Demographic Data

Nazrul Islam, MBBS, MSc, MPH, PhD, is a Physician-Epidemiologist and Medical Statistician. He is currently an Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics at University of Southampton Faculty of Medicine.

His research involves big data analysis (e.g., whole-population electronic medical records of primary and secondary healthcare data) using advanced epidemiological study design methodology such as emulated target trial, minimising bias and confounding in observational studies, examining intersectional inequalities in morbidity and mortality locally and globally.

He previously worked as a Research Fellow at the Big Data Institute at the University of Oxford. Before that, he was a quantitative Research Associate at the University of Cambridge.

Other affiliations:

- Research Editor, The BMJ (British Medical Journal)

- Principal Methodologist, UK Office for National Statistics (ONS)

MPIDR Publications

Islam, N.; Jdanov, D. A.:
BMJ 381, p845–p845. (2023)    
Islam, N.; Jdanov, D. A.; Shkolnikov, V. M.; Khunti, K.; Kawachi, I.; White, M.; Lewington, S.; Lacey, B.:
BMJ 375:e066768, 1–14. (2021)    
Islam, N.; Shkolnikov, V. M.; Acosta, R. J.; Klimkin, I.; Kawachi, I.; Irizarry, R. A.; Alicandro, G.; Khunti, K.; Yates, T.; Jdanov, D. A.; White, M.; Lewington, S.; Lacey, B.:
BMJ 373:n1137, 1–14. (2021)    

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