Reconciliation of work and family

The Max Planck Society offers a broad range of measures to support the reconciliation of work and family. These are complemented by the MPIDR’s own initiatives.

“Work and Family” Certificate by audit

The Max Planck Society has been awarded the certificate “Work and Family”. The certificate is granted to institutions committed to establishing a family-friendly corporate culture by binding target agreements.

Child-care provision in close cooperation with child day-care centers

For a number of years, the MPIDR has been cooperating with the Rostock-based “Gesellschaft für Gesundheit und Pädagogik mbH”. A network of day-care centers provides childcare places (including on short notice) for the offspring of Institute staff on a binding basis.

Child-care provided by the Max Planck Foundation

A subsidy from the Max Planck Society for care for infants  helps young scientists to finance child-care for children aged between three and  twelve months. Successful research with a baby (PDF File, 348 kB)

Provision of child and elderly care by nationwide family service “pme”

The Max Planck Society has contracts with “pme”, a private family service company. Their services can be used, for instance, to arrange child care on short notice in various cities in Germany for parents who attend conferences. Since January 1, 2017 “pme” also has been offering care services for children of school age up to 14 years.

Child allowance, care subsidies and contract extensions for domestic and foreign scholarship holders

Scholarship holders can claim child allowance, research scientists on fixed-term contracts pursuant to the German Act of Academic Fixed-Term Contracts can extend their contracts as a result of maternity protection and parental leave.

Flexible working-time models

It is important to be flexible with working hours, in particular when it comes to balancing work with child care needs. Our laboratory and research group heads are well aware of this; they also take care not to schedule important meetings for evenings.

Guest Services

Guest researchers who spend some time at the Institute and bring their family with them can rent an MPIDR apartment suitable for families. Guest service staff assist in finding kindergarten places and suitable schools.
Guest Services at the MPIDR

Job search assistance for accompanying family members

To help accompanying spouses and partners of researchers moving to Rostock find appropriate work at their new location, the MPIDR works in close cooperation with Dual-Career Partners in regional networks.

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