Biosfer Seminar

Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), September 20–22, 2023

BIOSFER investigates how social, biological and psychological factors work together to produce the observed patterns, levels and variation in fertility among young adults. We leverage ideas from several disciplines and propose that the existing theories must be complemented with concepts such as risk aversion and decision making under imperfect information, intergenerational transmission of fecundity, epigenetics, and beyond, in order to understand modern fertility behaviour. We develop theoretically informed, falsifiable hypotheses that we test against the two richest population-based longitudinal pregnancy and pubertal cohorts in the world, MoBa in Norway and the DNBC in Denmark. We also collect new data sets from these cohorts.

In this workshop all participants come together to kick off the BIOSFER project and to outline the future work together.

Full program (PDF File, 109 kB)

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