Rostock Demographic Seminar Series

Do Gender Equality Policies Impact on Gender Differences in Academic Promotion – Some Lessons Learned from Germany

Heike Solga
Hybrid Presentation, June 13, 2023

Heike Solga from the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) shared her expertise on gender equality policies in academic promotion.


Gender equality in academia has received growing public attention in the last decades. Women’s underrepresentation among professors is generated by two processes: gender biases and discrimination in hiring and promotion processes and a lower probability of women to apply for professorships. The lecture will present findings from three studies focusing on gender bias in professorship recruitment (for assistant and full professorship) and ask whether policy interventions impact gender differences in academic evaluations. The studies are based on factorial survey experiments with professors at German universities and asked these professors to assess hypothetical applicants for a full professorship in terms of qualification and the likelihood of being invited for a job interview.

About the Speaker

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Since 2008, Heike Solga has been director of the research unit “Skill Formation and Labor Markets” at WZB Berlin Social Science Center and Professor of Sociology at the Free University Berlin. Her main research interests are cumulative processes of educational and social stratification over the life course and the resulting inequalities in labour market outcomes.

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