Online Invited Seminar Talk

Supporting Youth and Family Wellbeing in Digital Environments: Key Opportunities and Challenges

Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography
Online Invited Seminar Talk via Zoom, July 21, 2020

Katie Davis, Associate Professor at the University of Washington Information School, shared insights from her work investigating the role of interactive technologies in the lives of teens in an Online Invited Seminar Talk.


Dr. Katie Davis will share insights from her body of work investigating the role of interactive technologies in the lives of teens, emerging adults, and their families. Dr. Davis will share what she has learned about how youth of different ages and developmental stages use technology to explore their developing identities, negotiate peer and family relationships, and engage in learning opportunities. Among the research projects she will discuss is an ongoing, international study examining teen resilience and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Davis will discuss how she uses the insights from her empirical work to design positive technology experiences for and with youth and their families.

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