September 03, 2020 | News | Research funding

ERC Grant for Mathias Lerch

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Mathias Lerch receives a 1.49 million Euro grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to conduct the project “Migration in cities of the global South: drivers, interactions and socio-demographic consequences” (MIC).

In developing countries, migration from rural areas to cities are an opportunity but also a risk for human development. In either case, urbanization may lead to increased international migration. Our understanding of the interactions between these two phenomena is constrained. It exists a lack of evidence on subnational heterogeneity in international migration, and a divide in internal and international migration flows in research.

That is why MIC provides the most comprehensive analysis of trends in both types of migration in more than 3000 cities and rural areas spanning all developing regions. The project is therefore innovative in its global and comparative perspective on migration among metropolitan populations.

Mathias Lerch, up until spring 2020 researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPDIR) in Rostock, Germany, will lead this project at a Swiss research institution.

To implement this research project Mathias Lerch received a European Research Council Starting Grant of 1.49 million Euro, providing funding for 5 years. The Starting Grants are awarded annually by the European Research Council to researchers at European research institutions who wish to lead their own research groups. They are awarded 677 million Euro, with grants being worth up to 2.5 Million Euro each.

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