June 09, 2022 | News | Call for Abstracts

Meeting of the EAPS Working Group on Register-Based Fertility Research

  • When: December 15-16, 2022
  • Where: Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), Rostock, Germany
  • Deadline for sending abstracts: August 21, 2022

Register and other administrative data are core data sources of demographic and sociological research on contemporary fertility. Currently, the use of register data for the purposes of fertility research remains largely focused on the Nordic countries, but these data are becoming increasingly accessible to researchers across other European countries and beyond. The working group aims at supporting this momentum of change, that is facilitating the use of existing and emerging register data sources for the purpose of studying fertility. Thereby the working group aims at contributing to high-quality and up-to-date research on contemporary fertility trends and patterns.

The working group aims to provide a platform for discussing fertility research based on register and other administrative data, and to facilitate networking opportunities among existing register data users, as well as for those with an interest in these data. It also offers a forum for discussing issues related to the access and content of these data. The working group promotes cross-country and cross-regional analysis, and aims at including researchers from different career stages. The working group is supported by EAPS and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

The meeting of the working group will feature a scientific program with research presentations, and facilitate informal exchange and networking. For the presentations, we invite research on fertility that is based on register data. A presentation can cover ongoing or finished research or a research proposal. Topics of interest include cross-country and sub-national regional variation in fertility, socioeconomic patterning of fertility, contextual effects on fertility, couples’ fertility, and childlessness. We particularly encourage talks discussing register data availability and developments relevant for fertility research, as well as talks on proposals of comparative research projects involving more than one country.

If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please send an abstract of 200 words of your proposed talk to nisen@demogr.mpg.de, by August 21, 2022. We are planning an in-person meeting with an option for hybrid participation. Limited financial support is available to encourage in-person participation across countries. Please indicate the request for such support when sending an abstract.

Organizing committee

Gunnar Andersson (Stockholm University)

Trude Lappegård (University of Oslo)

Mikko Myrskylä (MPIDR)

Karel Neels (University of Antwerp)

Jessica Nisén (University of Turku, MPIDR)

Natalie Nitsche (MPIDR)

Bernhard Riederer (University of Vienna)

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