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PAA award for MPIDR poster on male fertility

MPIDR researchers Sebastian Klüsener and Christian Dudel in front of their prize-winning poster on male fertility at the PAA 2018 in Denver, Colorado. © Angela Carollo

MPIDR-researchers Christian Dudel and Sebastian Klüsener won the PAA poster award for the presentation of their research on male fertility at the annual PAA meeting in Denver, Colorado.

The award-winning poster (PDF File, 170 kB) describes the construction and analysis of time series of age-specific fertility rates (ASFRs) for males for 14 countries. It shows the results in male vs. female fertility rates and average age at childbearing for different countries and country groups.

Klüsener's and Dudel's motivation was, that while male and female fertility can differ considerably there is still lack of studies assessing male fertility. This shortcoming is partly due to missing values. The age of fathers is often not known for a non-negligible number births.

The researchers put forward a new, conditional method for calculating fertility rates with missing values, which they use to construct their fertility time series.

They find that in the countries they study, male fertility has mostly been lower than female fertility in recent years. However, in some countries male fertility has been higher in the past.

At childbirth, males are on average three years older than females.

Klüsener and Dudel intend to make their male fertility time series data available online soon.

The annual meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA) is one of the largest and most important meetings of the demographic research community worldwide.

Associated research and poster download

Award-winning poster on male fertility for download (PDF File, 170 kB)

Previous papers on this topic:
Dudel, C., Klusener, S. (2016). Estimating male fertility in eastern and western Germany since 1991: A new lowestlow? Demographic Research 35: 1549-1562.

Dudel, C., Klusener, S. (2017). Estimating male fertility from vital registration data with missing values. Forthcomingin Population Studies,  available as MPIDR working paper

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