Book Chapter

Responding to new data demands for comparative research and multilevel analysis: the Contextual Database of the Generations and Gender Program

Spielauer, M.
In: Mantel, H. (Ed.): Symposium 2005: methodological challenges for future information needs [CD-ROM]
Statistics Canada international symposium series ; proceedings -
Ottawa, Statistics Canada (2007)


The increasing recognition that the study of human behaviors has to take into account the multiple contexts in which they occur has opened a promising research avenue in social sciences. It also presents new challenges, i.e. to complement micro-level surveys with the collection of meaningful contextual data within a common conceptual framework. The international comparative Generations and Gender Program, which is coordinated by the Population Activities Unit of the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Europe, combines a panel survey carried out in various European countries, Japan, and Australia with a comparative contextual database developed as integral part of the program.
Keywords: World, data banks
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