Journal Article

"The study of population offers something for everyone": Forschung zu Fertilität, Migration und Mortalität an der Schnittstelle von Demografie und Soziologie

Hank, K., Kreyenfeld, M. R.
"The study of population offers something for everyone": research on fertility, migration and mortality at the intersection between demography and sociology
Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 67:Supplement 1, 1–9 (2015)


Despite a significant overlap between sociology and demography, “sociology of population” is not well-established in Germany yet. This is very distinct from the development in the US where research at the intersection of sociology and demography is united under the umbrella of “social demography”. This introductory chapter of this KZfSS Special Issue first explores the synergies of both disciplines. We then present the special Issue’s content of the volume. It is structured along demography’s core fields of “Fertility and Partnership” (Section I), “Migration and Mobility” (Section II) and “Mortality and Morbidity” (Section III). The volume contains furthermore a section on “Welfare State and Demographic Change” (Section IV) as well as cutting-edge research in the realm of “Sociology and Biodemography” (Section V).

Keywords: demography, social demography, sociology
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