Journal Article

Beschäftigung im demografischen Wandel: eine regionale Perspektive

Frosch, K., Kühntopf, S., Tivig, T.
Employment and demographic change: a regional perspective
Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, 54:4, 669–691 (2007)


The study deals with regional disparities in demographic change in Europe. It discusses possible consequences for firms, using labor supply as a showcase. First, it provides an analysis of the extent and pattern of demographic change in the 99 NUTS 2 regions of Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Bulgaria. It then shows that the working age group shrinks faster, but ages much slower than total population. Based on these results, the interplay of demographic trends and characteristics of the regional labor market is used to conjecture that female potential labor supply could not, under all circumstances, be expected to compensate for a shrinking workforce. This is especially in those regions the case, where low female employment rates coincide with higher unemployment of women.
Keywords: Europe, regional development
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