Journal Article

Dynamik alleinerziehender Mutterschaft: Partnerschaftsverläufe in der frühen Elternbiografie

Bastin, S.
Dynamics of single motherhood: partnership trajectories in early parental biography
Zeitschrift für Familienforschung, 24:Sonderheft 9, 201–228 (2012)


This study uses data from the German Family Panel (pairfam) to investigate the partnership trajectories of women that do not coreside at first birth. In line with previous research, these mothers are defined as single mothers. Thus, we concentrate on single mothers who already were single when their children were very young. Using event history analysis, we investigate the duration until a single mother moves in with a partner. Our analysis shows that many of the mothers who do not coreside with a partner at first birth have a partner who does not live in the same household at this point in time. These women behave very differently from single mothers who do not have a partner at birth. Around half of the women in each of the two groups leave the single parent status within the first five years. But single mothers with a non-residential partner leave single motherhood more quickly and more often move in with the father of the child. Also differences by level of education are discussed.
Keywords: Germany, family dynamics, one-parent family
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