Journal Article

Urbanization, suburbanization, and counterurbanization in Estonia

Tammaru, T., Kulu, H., Kask, I.
Eurasian Geography and Economics, 45:3, 212–229 (2004)


A team of European geographers compares trends in urbanization, suburbanization, and counterurbanization in post-Soviet Estonia with those in other transition countries in the former Soviet Union and Eastern and Central Europe. The study employs data from the first post-Soviet Estonian census to analyze urban and rural population movements during 1989-2000, and contrasts trends in the national settlement system (increasing population concentration in largest metropolitan areas) with those apparent at the intra-metropolitan area scale (suburbanization). Differences in trends prevailing in Estonia vis-à-vis other transition countries are investigated from the perspective of their divergent migration histories.
Keywords: Estonia, internal migration, suburbanization, urbanization
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