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Wie hoch ist die Kinderzahl von Männern?

Pötzsch, O., Klüsener, S., Dudel, C.
How many children do men have?
WISTA - Wirtschaft und Statistik, 2020:5, 59–77 (2020)
Open Access


Male fertility has been little studied in Germany. Using birth statistics and microcensus data, this article seeks to reduce existing knowledge gaps. It investigates the mean number of children and the average age at birth of children of both men and women
over the period 1991-2019, also in an international comparative perspective. For the first time, information is provided on the age of the father for the first, second or third child of a mother. Based on the microcensus concept of living arrangements, differences in the mean number of children of men and women depending on their educational attainment are explored. At the same time, the article illuminates that important fertility information about men is missing in official statistics. This includes the proportion of childless men or their completed number of children.

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