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Fueling Eurasia’s modern great migration: ethnicity and intentions to migrate among young people in Kyrgyzstan

Agadjanian, V., Nedoluzhko, L.
CePoD working paper 07-108
43 pages.
Tempe, USA, Center for Population Dynamics, School of Social and Family Dynamics, Arizona State University (2007)


This study compares intentions to migrate abroad between Asian and European-origin ethnic groups in Kyrgyzstan. The multivariate analyses of survey data collected in 2005 show that even after controlling for socioeconomic characteristics and social embeddedness Europeans are significantly more likely inclined toward migration than Asians. Whereas no gender differences in migration intentions among either group are detected, marriage, childbearing, and social capital exhibit distinct ethnic-specific effects. Although economic considerations are dominant stimuli for migration in both groups, the results point to the formation of two dominant ethnic-specific migration preference types—for temporary migration among Asians and permanent migration among Europeans.
Keywords: Kyrgyzstan, migration
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