Alumni and current PhD students and scientists

Each year new researchers and students join the Department, while others leave to take up positions in academia, industry and international organisations. The Department maintains links with a global network of former and current research staff, listed here by the year they joined.

Cohort 1, entering year: 2018

Sofia Gil Clavel (Ph.D. student, alumni)
Samin Aref (Research Scientist, alumni)
André Grow-Böser (Research Scientist, alumni)
Fanny Kluge (Research Scientist, alumni)
Daniela Negraia (Research Scientist, alumni)
Diego Alburez (Research Scientist, alumni)

Cohort 2, entering year: 2019

Emanuele Del Fava (Research Scientist, alumni)
Sophie Lohmann (Research Scientist, alumni)
Tom Theile (Research Scientist and Software Developer, current)
Daniela Perrotta (Research Scientist, current)
Jorge Cimentada (Research Scientist, alumni)

Cohort 3, entering year: 2020

Ugofilippo Basellini (Research Scientist, current)
Maciej Danko (Data Scientist, current)
Carolina Viera Coimbra (Ph.D. student, current)
Sarah Johnson (Ph.D. student, alumni)
Ole Hexel (Research Scientist, current)
Gordon Rinderknecht (Research Scientist, alumni)
Chia-Jung Tsai (Ph.D. student, current)
Esther Denecke (Ph.D. student, current)
Xinyi Zhao (Ph.D. student, current)

Cohort 4, entering year: 2021

Aliakbar Akbaritabar (Research Scientist, current)
Jisu Kim (Research Scientist, current)
Ebru Asli Sanliturk (Research Scientist, current)
Athina Anastasiadou (Ph.D. student, current)
Liliana Calderon Bernal (Ph.D. student, current)
Jessica Donzowa (Ph.D. student, current)

Cohort 5, entering year: 2022

Risto Conte Keivabu (Research Scientist, current)
Linda Vecgaile (Research Scientist, current)
Egor Kotov (Ph.D. student, current)
Elizabeth Marie Jacobs (Research Scientist, alumni)
Ana Cristina Gómez Ugarte Valerio (Ph.D. student, current)

Cohort 6, entering year: 2023

Maria Laura Miranda (Ph.D. student, current)
Yvette Young (Research Scientist, current)
Irena Chen (Research Scientist, current)

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