Seminar Series

The Research Group Kinship Inequalities hosts various kinds of seminar talks. Here, there is an overview of past lectures, in the calendar you find future events.

Seminar Talks 2023

The Global Variability & Recurrence of Kinship Terminology
Samuel Passmore (Australian National University)
September 5, 2023 More

Changing Demographic Rates Reshape Kinship Networks
Sha Jiang (Stanford University) 
March 22, 2023 More

Leveraging Crowdsourced Online Genealogical Data to Study the Evolution of Fertility
Riccardo Omenti (University of Bologna) 
March 15, 2023 More

Using Register Data to Study Heterogeneity in Kinship Structures: Socioeconomic Status, Nativity, and Age
Linus Andersson (Stockholms universitet) 
January 18, 2023 More

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