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Research areas and projects of this laboratory are as follows

Research Areas

Health Expectancies and Disability Dynamics


Behavioral Determinants of Health and Mortality Project details
Cognitive Functioning in Middle- and High-Income Countries Project details
The Onset and Progression of Disability in Older Adults Project details

Health and Mortality Over the Life Course


Linked Lives: The Importance of the Family for Socioeconomic Attainment, Health, and Mortality Project details
Early-Life Determinants of Cognitive Functioning, Health, and Mortality Project details
Immigrant-Native Health Disparities Over the Life Course in the European Context Project details
Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Population Health Project details
How Does Death in the Family Affect the Life Course? Project details
Recent Trends in Fetal and Infant Mortality (Dissertation) Project details
Mortality from Substance Abuse in High-Income Countries (Dissertation) Project details

Social and Economic Determinants in Health and Life Expectancy


Spatial Inequalities in Health and Mortality Project details
Why Does Health in the US Continue to Lag Behind? Project details
Social and Economic Determinants of Physical and Mental Health Over the Life Course Project details
Explaining Differences in Mental Health Among Subgroups (Dissertation) Project details
Education Disparities in Health from the Perspective of the European East-West Divide (Dissertation) Project details
Health Inequalities in Immigrants: Burden of Multimorbidity (Dissertation) Project details
The Contribution of Adult Children to Parental Health and Survival (Dissertation) Project details
The Interplay of Family Dynamics and Health (Dissertation) Project details

Methods and Concepts in Health and Survival Analysis


Methods, Models, and Measures in Population Health Project details
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