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Practical population forecasting by microsimulation: application of the MICMAC software

Ogurtsova, E., Gampe, J., Zinn, S.
In: EUROSTAT (Ed.): Work session on demographic projections: Lisbon, 28-30 April 2010, 525–539
Population and social conditions: methodologies and working papers -
Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union (2010)


Microsimulation complements traditional macro-projections by additional details on the individual biographies. This wealth of information comes at some price though. Complex input data have to be provided and the simulated individual life courses represent a useful output only if their features are appropriately condensed and summarized. Software for practical applications should therefore provide tools for all these tasks, including the core job of the actual microsimulation. In this paper we describe how these tasks are implemented in the software suite of the MicMac-project.
Schlagwörter: microsimulation
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