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Social security systems and life expectancy

In: Rattan, S. I. S. (Ed.): Encyclopedia of biomedical gerontology, 256–261
Reference module in biomedical sciences -
San Diego, Academic Press (2019)


This chapter aims at discussing the most recent evidence about potential relationships between four different types of social security systems and the most recent changes in life expectancy in the developed modern welfare states. First, the chapter introduces to definitions of modern welfare states, focusing on the role of social security and recent economic and demographic challenges relevant to each type of welfare state regime. Second, the chapter discusses the patterns of life expectancy across the selected countries representing different types of welfare states. Finally, the chapter provides a brief overview on complex pathways how different social security policies may influence individual health outcomes.

Schlagwörter: Europa, Japan, Vereinigte Staaten, longevity, social security, welfare states
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