Measuring mortality trends and dynamics in an era of continuous mortality decline

343 pages. Rostock, University of Rostock (2018)


Three key observations the remarkable continuity of mortality improvement, the changing age pattern of mortality improvement, and the location of longevity extension potentials at the highest ages are the basis for the individual articles of this thesis. The articles explore challenges that are caused by the interplay of the above mentioned developments. The proposed approaches, as well as the insights offered on the boundaries of age-specific mortality, shed light on some of the challenges both demographers and the general public face currently, and will face in the future.

Das Max-Planck-Institut für demografische Forschung (MPIDR) in Rostock ist eines der international führenden Zentren für Bevölkerungswissenschaft. Es gehört zur Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, einer der weltweit renommiertesten Forschungsgemeinschaften.