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Understanding society: partnership and fertility histories, UK part of the GGP Harmonized Histories: Waves 1-9, 2009-2019. User guide

Blom, N., Kubisch, K.
40 pages.
Colchester, University of Essex (2021)
Open Access


The Harmonized Histories is an international comparative dataset, created through harmonising data from existing surveys into one common format. The aim of Harmonized Histories is to facilitate cross-national research on topics related to transition to adulthood, family formation, and childbearing. The dataset focuses on fertility and partnership histories but also captures information on socio-economic status, place of residence and information on the childhood family. Harmonized Histories uses Understanding Society for data on the UK. This user guide provides information about the Understanding Society part of the dataset. As Harmonized Histories is a cross-national project, please note that the variable naming conventions and terminology used in this dataset are different to the standard Understanding Society naming and terms.

Schlagwörter: Großbritannien, childbearing
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